"I was ready to give up golf after a good number of years of playing the game. John is a great instructor of the game and has taught me more in two lessons than I care to imagine. If you don't mind me saying, I call John the magic man as he so deserves. I was a slicer of the ball and a good shot was a fade which John has corrected in one lesson; amazing!"
— Jim Breunig

"Best lesson ever. I (40 years of playing, handicap 5) listened in on the lesson provided to my 16-year old son. John Dahl is meticulous about the grip, setup, posture, and finish. He derailed my previous understanding of grip pressure and swing speed/tempo. Results for my son were immediate and astonishing. His favorite swing thought still used today is "swing harder." Looking forward to coming back for another lesson soon."
— Graham Breakey

"My name is Mike Jordan, and I am a former Ford Motor Co. Vice President. I would be happy to mention John's ability to work with people of differing abilities and give them all the same attention. We had John work with our dealers and their wives, and everyone felt that he was there just for them."
— Michael Jordan

"The great thing about John is that he actually knows what he is talking about. He understands the golf swing better than anyone I know and truly cares about the results you have out on the course after his instruction. His message is simple, intelligent, and genuine. By taking regular lessons with John my handicap went from a 7 to a 0 this summer. He made golf fun for me again."
— Kyle Newman

“I have been working with John for nearly 10 years. His approach has been very simple for me and always focused on the fundamentals. John helped me understand my golf swing and how to make changes on my own while I was away at college and now on the road for professional golf. Last summer I teed it up on the PGA Tour for the first time at the Canadian Open. Looking up and down the range, I knew that I fit in with all of the Tour pros because of John's focus on the fundamentals of my golf swing. John has a passion for seeing golfers improve and is always willing to help in every way possible. I know that every golfer will benefit from their time spent with John.”
— Tom Hoge

“My dad started taking me to work with John three years ago when I started playing competitively. I was thirteen years old at the time. My Dad said he chose John because of his experience raising two daughters who played college golf and his reputation as a top instructor. We have the best time with John and consider him a good friend. He relates to girls golf and has helped turn me into a Junior State Champion and college recruit.”
— Haliee Pieper, Watertown SD

“John Dahl looked at my golf game in 1981 after I failed to make the match play in the US Amateur and convinced me to make a few changes. After winning the US Mid Amateur in 1984, a Walker Cup Team selection in 1985 and an invitation to play the Master's Tournament in 1986, it would be an understatement to say John's teaching ability changed my life forever. If you want to improve your golf game you know who to call.”
— Michael Podolak

“Mr. Dahl has helped me tremendously. I came to him in my second year as a professional where he devoted a lot of time and effort in preparing my game to be as successful as possible. If you follow his direction, his teaching philosophy will help in understanding your own swing, and he'll greatly enhance the chances of improving your own golf game.”
— Ryan Lenahan

"Many golf instructor choices are out there. I simply looked at the fruits of John's labor, i.e., the swings on the driving range at Oxbow C.C. I was about a 4 handicap when I began with him. Three years later, I won my first professional event; four years after that, I walked down the fairways of a United States Open. John is more than a teacher to me. I want you to know that your game is not just in good hands with him... it's in the hands of the best."
— Greg Hiller

"I am a teacher myself. John and I are always talking about the golf swing. I had him take a look at me and with a slight change in my set up, I was able to generate more power and enable my body to do some things it was not capable of doing with the set up I was using. John was a great help, and I am a better golfer because of the help he gave me."
— Blayne Hobbs

"John Dahl can teach you how to master this game at any age. My 12 year old son wanted to be ready for High School Golf. A local golf team was winning tournaments with ease. I contacted one of the parents and asked him how his son got so good. He said that all of the top scoring team members see John Dahl. I took him for a trial lesson, and he quickly showed improvement. My son is now 13 and has been seeing John once every week or two. He has gone in one year from average to playing Junior Varsity golf. He even shot the second lowest individual score at the JV District tournament last month. John is simply the best."
— Richard M. Blanchard

"I came in contact with John Dahl in the Spring of 2010 with many problems with my golf swing- no power, poor ball striking, lack of consistency. I was not looking for an instructor to just help me along, I wanted someone who would make me a better golfer by breaking down my inconsistencies. Within the first five minutes, we had come up with a plan. He was immediately able to drill down on what I needed to work on to improve. In the short time I have been working with him, I have seen a huge improvement in all of the inconsistencies I listed above. I am still a work in progress, but the groundwork for improvement has been set. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Dahl to any golfer looking to improve. "
— Jeff Martinez

"John's teaching talents are exceptional, as others have eloquently stated. In addition to this, an area that stands out for me is how he organized and executed corporate outings for my company. At his events, we have had various skill levels, with a bias towards higher handicaps. He provides excellent instruction and advice, and makes each attendee feel special with the attention he provides. Our customers that have attended the events leave with a greater knowledge of the game and the opportunity to improve their game's. The feedback I have received from these outings has been overall extremely positive, with a number telling me they have been the best corporate event they have ever attended. This demonstrates to me a value to our customers, as well as to my company and me."
— Mark Haugland

"I play at 'The Course at Yale' and we have several excellent golf instructors there. I am 63 years old and took up golf 20 years ago. It is not easy learning this game as an adult. My index is presently 5.2 and holding. I have been frustrated by my inability to take a full back swing. Because I was traveling to Arizona to accompany my daughter to a gymnastics meet, I decided to see if I could get some instruction from a top golf instructor near Phoenix. I found John's name on the internet and contacted him. I told him that I wanted a fuller back swing in order to increase my distance.

John watched me warm up and took a video of my setup, grip and swing. He immediately suggested two changes. The position of my hips at address and my grip. The results were dramatic. I spent three fantastic hours with John and hit the best balls of my life. My swing feels full and free. The ball jumps off my club. I can't remember when I have had that much fun hitting a golf ball. When I initially contacted John, I told him that I did not expect a miracle, but was looking for something to work on over the winter. To my great surprise, he provided me with a miracle swing. I can't believe how little effort it was for me to make the adjustments that John suggested. I was so excited, I began telling complete strangers about the lesson. If you are a golfer who is searching for more distance and accuracy, do what ever you have to do, to take a lesson from John Dahl. I will be forever in his debt. "
— Rocky Tremblay

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